20 August 2014

By enabling people to harness infrastructure in new and interesting ways, organisations increase and make tangible the underlying value in their data. When you consider the potential of using IFTTT and Yahoo Pipes, and soon anyone will be able to collaborate.

it’s worth checking out APIs: A Strategy Guide

19 August 2014
“The future belongs to multiple-brand companies like Apple, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many others. But do most chief executives believe that?
Apparently not.”

Al Ries. “Big Marketing Mistakes Are More Likely Than Small Ones

I love how he points out another way in which Apple markets according to the logic of CPG and possesses a rather sophisticated brand architecture, with lots of sub-brands. Their management of these assets make this huge portfolio of brands appear invisible. 

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21 June 2014

While there is still some debate about how complicated it needs to be, the reality is how the brand it interacts with the it’s collective consumers is more important now than it has ever been. There needs to be much greater emphasis on the overall experience, of which advertising is a significant component.

30 May 2014
“The fundamental job of planning was to care about the people on the receiving end. It still is. In fact this role has become more important rather than less. At my agency the User Experience (UX) discipline sits across the Design and Planning departments. UX and service design are defined by caring about the human beings on the receiving end. UX planners are the voice of the user.”

Phil Adams.”The Many Voices of Planning” (via peterspear)

An emerging shift in agency planning models

8 November 2013
“Brands within any given category don’t appeal to different kinds of people. They appeal to everyone in a category. Thus, we see that Pepsi drinkers also drink Coca-Cola, and Nike buyers also buy adidas. All of which rather renders a lot of the quest for precision, redundant.”

Martin Weigel. @mweigel. “Learning to Love Fuzziness" Contagious. (via peterspear)

24 August 2013

and we continue to evolve how we communicate

4 June 2013

How to map customer experiences

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23 May 2013




Big news for Tumblr today. I’m a bit of a Tumblr fanboy — a fan of the service, the community, the amazing team, and of David Karp who has been a continually impressive CEO.

I published my first post just over three years ago. Since then, I have created 15+ blogs and…

20 May 2013


Infographic: The Intricate Anatomy Of UX Design


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19 May 2013


This year over 500 billion photos will be taken worldwide, and nearly half of them will be taken on smart phones. Considering that all those mobile photos can be shared widely across text messages, group messages, social networks, blogs and more, it’s clear that mobile photography is massive.